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Our new head office will be ready soon. The move to Mutzschen proceeds as planned.

Plans became reality...This is no more a drawing of an architect, this is our new office building in Mutzschen in truth. The interior fittings of the office and social building will be finished soon. The production hall is ready to occupy, the store is disposed to fill in. The move of the first machines has already started. Step by step we will move to our new head office in Mutzschen until the middle of December. One part of production will continue in Golzern until the change to Mutzschen is complete.

(10 November 2014)

Papierverarbeitung Golzern GmbH . Gewerbestraße 4 . 04668 Grimma OT Mutzschen . GERMANY . Phone +49 34385 5060-0 . Fax +49 34385 5060-299 .