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Visit of the district group of Saxony | Thuringia

On 04.05.2017, the members of the Saxonian and Thuringian group of the Vereinigte Papierfachverband München e.V. (VPM) were our guests during their springtime meeting. After introduction of the company and its history by the managing director Martin Röhrenbeck, the participants could get an impression of production, storage and administration in guided tours. After lunch the springtime meeting of the regional group finished.

"I would like to thank you for the very good support of the attendees of the event in your company. The members and guests of the district group were enthusiastic about the new location in Mutzschen. The presentation will be kept in good memories." (Dietrich Weißbach, Chairman of the district group of Saxony|Thuringia at VPM e.V.)


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