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Paper Selling:

Prices and demands of paper fluctuate. But sometimes there is no time, everything is urgent. Who delivers paper quickly and with marketable prices then? Golzern supplies.

Thanks to skillful staff, solid equipment, extensive stores and reliable suppliers we sell complete paper assortments and save our customers price continuity and speed.

Paper grades

silk paper wood free white25 g/m²
recycled tissue paper 35 g/m²
newsprint paper40 to 52 g/m²
kraft paper wood free white40 to 100 g/m²
natron kraft paper brown40 to 100 g/m²
natron kraft liner brown 100 to 300 g/m²
natron mixed paper brown45 to 80 g/m²
bogus paper/corrugated medium60 to 140 g/m²
test liner100 to 280 g/m²


wrapping paper . masking paper

crumbled packing paper

interlayer paper . box lining paper

interleaving paper

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