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Privacy protection policy:

This privacy protection policy applies to the use of the website of Papierverarbeitung Golzern GmbH including all lower sites and foreign-language versions. The foreign-language versions contain a relevant translation of this privacy protection policy. We accept no liabilities for any errors or inaccuracies in the translation. In case of doubt, the German version of this declaration applies.

Name and contact details of the party responsible
Papierverarbeitung Golzern GmbH
Gewerbestraße 4
04668 Grimma
phone: +49 34385 5060-0
fax: +49 34385 5060-299
general manager: Dipl.-Ing (FH) Martin Röhrenbeck

About this privacy protection policy
The website is an offer of Papierverarbeitung Golzern GmbH. It serves to inform customers, business partners and interested parties about the services and the offer of Papierverarbeitung Golzern GmbH.
We look forward to your visit on our website. We want you to feel comfortable when visiting our site. Therefore we take the protection of your privacy very seriously. We treat your personal data confidentially and according to the legal data protection regulations.
We have drawn up these notes on data processing and data protection to explain the handling of your personal data. We reserve the right to adapt the content of these notes from time to time. It is therefore advisable to reconsider this privacy protection policy at regular intervals.
We process personal data, which are collected when you visit our website, in accordance with legal requirements. We assume no liability for external links to third-party content, despite careful examination. This declaration does not extend to the content of linked external websites.
In the following we explain to you, what kind of data we record during your visit to our homepage, for which purpose they are used and which rights you have as the person concerned.

- "personal data" means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person (person concerned). These are for instance name, address, company, e-mail address, telephone number, fax number or online identification data such as IP address or browser used.
- "processing" is for example to collect, store, use, transmit, modify, query, block or to delete this data.
- "agreement" means the voluntary and informed consent of the person concerned for the processing of his or her personal data.

Collection and processing of personal data
The use of our website is usually possible without giving any personal data. Personal data will only be collected if you give it to us by yourself (for instance when contacting us by e-mail or using our rapid request) or if a legal requirement requires or permits this. These are only personal data which are necessary for the performance and use of our services or which you voluntarily provide to us.
We collect, store and use this information to fulfill the desired purpose (e.g. send information or sample material).If you ask for an offer, we will transmit the data to our proprietary ERP-software for input, storage and use (e.g. make an offer).
The provision of personal data is not required by law when using our site. But it is necessary for any contract or pre-contractual measures. You are not obligated to provide us with this data (e.g. via the form rapid request). However, if we don’t receive it, we can’t do the required job. The work on your request or making a contract is not possible without processing your data.

In addition data is automatically recorded when the page is called (e. g. IP address, date and time of the page request, browser used). This data is used to administrate our website. IP addresses are stored only anonymously. They can not be assigned to a specific person without the use of additional data sources.

Purpose of collecting and processing personal data
Your personal data will be used by us to pursue our business purpose. This includes:

- answering your questions and inquiries (e.g. name, company, e-mail address, telephone and fax number via form rapid request)
- preparation of the desired facts (e.g. contact, information)
- sending product information, brochures, samples, etc. (only on request or with your consent)
- making system-compliant offers (transmission to and storage in our ERP-software)
- processing of orders and possibly previous reservations
- processing of purchases
- technical administration of our website

Legal basis for processing

The processing of personal data takes place on the following legal basis (article 6 paragraph 1 of General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR) :

- agreement of the person concerned to process his or her personal data for one or more purposes (written or electronic consent to the use of the data)
- processing to fulfill a contract or to carry out pre-contractual measures (contracting party or initiator is the person concerned)
- legitimate interest of Papierverarbeitung Golzern GmbH as operator of the website (party responsible), unless the interests and fundamental rights of the person concerned prevail
- legitimate interest of our webhosting partner as processor (third party), unless the interests and fundamental rights of the person concerned prevail
- processing to fulfill a legal obligation (under Union or German law)

Legitimate interest in processing
The legitimate interest of Papierverarbeitung Golzern GmbH (party responsible) is as follows:

Papierverarbeitung Golzern GmbH provides its homepage in order to inform customers, business partners and interested parties about the services, the company and current product news, to promote contact and to run online marketing. Visitors of our website can contact us directly to give us their request in a quick and easy way. The information about the website and the contact options serve the business initiation and processing. Personal data of the customer/prospective customer are needed and processed accordingly for the preparation of offers, replies, contacts and order processing.

The legitimate interest of our webhosting partner as a processor (third party) is as follows:

Our webhosting partner was assigned by us to create the homepage with all functions, to maintain and provide it on the Internet for use. The use of the homepage should be contemporary, comfortable, secure and legally compliant. To meet these requirements, different technically specifications or interventions are necessary which may require or include the processing of personal data (e.g. use of "session cookies" to design the "performance" of the homepage or temporary storage of data in server log-files).

Recipient of personal data
For data processing the following recipients get access to personal data:

- party responsible: Papierverarbeitung Golzern GmbH (Processing by internal places such as sales, marketing, logistics, accounting)
- third party: processor in terms of art. 28 GDPR (web hosting partner and its subcontractors data center and domain registrar)

Categories of personal data
The following types of data are processed:

- contact details (name, first name, associated company, e-mail, optional address, telephone, fax)
- internet usage data (e.g. IP address, visit time and date, browser used)
- Log data (e.g. log files about usage transactions)

Sources of personal data
Personal data are collected by us directly from the person concerned (e.g. when contacting us by rapid request or e-mail). If we need more data to fulfill the desired request (such as postal address for quotation or sample shipping), we ask the person concerned for these data too. Furthermore we use publicly available sources such as classified directories on the internet. In this case mostly company data is concerned such as VAT identification numbers or web addresses.

Data transfers to third countries or international organizations
There is no planned transmission to third countries or to international organizations. This is also not intended in the future. Our homepage is hosted on German servers. There are no analytical or other tools used that could result in the transfer of personal information to a third country or to an international organization.

Use and transfer of personal data
We use personal data collected voluntarily or in a legal framework exclusively for the purpose of technical administration of our website and to fulfill your wishes and requirements (e.g. contacting your person, answering your question or inquiry, preparing an offer). A transfer of your personal data to state institutions and authorities is only possible within the framework of mandatory European or national legislation. There is NO transfer to third parties for advertising or marketing purposes. Our employees have been trained and committed to the protection of data.
If, in the context of the examination of a request, contacts with third parties are necessary, the personal data will not be disclosed and the request- or product-related data will only be forwarded anonymously, unless you permit a direct transfer. You have the right to revoke such consent at any time, with immediate effect for the transaction and with effect for the future.

Period of data storage
Your personal data will only be kept as long as this is necessary for the performance of our service or as required by legal requirements (e.g. retention periods according to German Commercial Code).
Thereafter the personal data to will be deleted professionally and irretrievably.

Access logs of the web server record which page was viewed and when. They are only stored anonymously. For this, the last three digits of the IP addresses are removed, that means for example will be 127.000.000.*. The access logs are part of the server log files.

Error logs that log page view errors are deleted after seven days.

The mail logs, for sending e-mails from the web environment, are anonymized after one day.

Data security

We use technical and organizational security measures to protect your data against accidental or intentional manipulation, loss, destruction or unauthorized access. Our safety measures are regularly reviewed and adapted to the ongoing technological development. At our contract processors, we pay attention to the implementation of such measures.

Rights of the person concerned
You are always entitled to information about your personal data processed by us. You have the right to correct or delete this data. You can demand a limitation of the processing of your stored personal data (blocking), as far as the latter does not violate legal regulations. Upon request, we will provide you with free and prompt written information about your personal data which may be stored by us. If your data is incorrectly or unjustly stored, we will correct, block or delete it according to your specifications.

Note: Deletion of data is not possible if legal provisions prohibit this (e.g. retention periods according to German Commercial Code). In such cases, instead of deletion, your data will be blocked by us for further use upon request.

You still have the right to data portability.

⇒ You have the right to object the further processing of your personal data. In this case, we stop processing of your data immediately. According to your specification, we block or delete your data, unless this is contrary to a legal regulation.

You still have the right to complain to a controlling institution. The supervisory authority responsible for our company headquarters is:

visitor address:
The Saxon data protection and transparency officer
Devrientstraße 5
01067 Dresden


mailing address:
The Saxon data protection and transparency officer
P.O. Box 11 01 32
01330 Dresden


phone: +49 351 85471-101

Consent to data processing and revocation
If you have given us your consent to the processing of your personal data, you have the right to revoke this consent at any time. Your revocation does not affect the lawfulness of the processing from the consent to the revocation. You consent to our data processing in the following ways:

- For page view: by taking note of the use of "session cookies", attention of our privacy protection policy and confirmation of the info window on cookies and data protection; Note: If the use of cookies not confirmed, it will not be used. The functionality of the site is limited.
- By using our rapid request (form): by entering your data, taking note of the privacy protection policy, confirming it in the checkbox and forwarding the data to us
- When using embedded e-mail addresses: by entering your data and sending the e-mail

Your revocation of consent can be addressed informally to the party responsible or our data protection officer.

Data Protection Officer
We have appointed a data protection officer for monitoring adherence to data protection regulations and as a contact point for you if needed. Please send your requests for information, revocations, questions, objections or suggestions by post to:

Papierverarbeitung Golzern GmbH
data protection officer
Ute Engelhardt
Gewerbestraße 4
04668 Grimma

or by e-mail to:

Rapid request (via form)
If you send us inquiries via the implemented contact form (rapid request), your details from the inquiry form, including the contact details you provide, will be stored with us for the purpose of processing the inquiry and in case of follow-up questions. We do not pass on this data to third parties or only upon request and only with your explicit consent.
We collect the data according to the principle of data economy. So we only ask for the information that is absolutely necessary for the purpose of further processing. Mandatory fields are marked. Further information such as telephone number is optional.
You will be informed about our privacy protection policy before submitting the form (checkbox with reference to our privacy protection policy). Please give your consent to data processing by clicking the checkbox. Your data will be transferred encrypted.

Encrypted data transmission
The page view of our website is realized via an https journal using an SSL certificate. The https journal allows a secure connection from a web server to a browser. Data is transmitted "encrypted".


Our website uses cookies in the form of so-called "session cookies". Cookies are small text files that are stored on the data medium of your device in order to provide certain functions and also convenience. "Session cookies" store and transmit certain settings and data of your browser for exchange with our system. Cookies do not harm your computer and do not contain viruses. The session cookies we use are automatically deleted as soon as you close your browser. Session cookies help us to design our offers accordingly and to make it easier for you to use our homepage. These cookies allow us to recognize your browser on the next visit and to avoid repetition.

The first time you visit our homepage, a cookie notice will appear. This must be confirmed by the user if he agrees to the storage of information. If the consent is not granted, the cookie application is disabled for this session. The functionality and thus the use of the site may be restricted.

You can set your browser to inform you about setting cookies and to allow cookies only in individual cases, to exclude the acceptance of cookies for specific cases or in general, and to activate the automatic deletion of cookies when the browser is closed.

Note: When deactivating cookies, the functionality of this website may be restricted.

Leaving the homepage via linked pages
We assume no liability for external links to third-party content, despite careful examination. This privacy protection policy expressly does not extend to the content and functions of linked external websites.
If you leave our site via a link and get to a foreign website, it is possible that cookies will also be set from the clicked landing page. We are not legally responsible for these cookies and assume no liability for their effects. Our privacy protection policy does not apply to these cookies.

Automatically recorded data in server log files
When accessing our website, information generated automatically (that is not via a registration) is collected, which can not be directly attributed to a specific person. Papierverarbeitung Golzern GmbH automatically stores information in its server log files that your browser transmits to us. A log file records events. It contains an automatically kept log of all or some actions of processes on a computer system (e.g. webserver).

We use this information to improve our homepage. The following data are automatically collected when you visit our website and sub-pages:

- hostname of the accessing computer (IP address) -anonymized
- date and time of the server request
- visited pages (URL)
- amount of data sent
- browser type and browser version
- used operating system
- the previously visited page (Referrer URL)

These data are for statistical purposes only. They are not attributable to a specific person. We do not combine these data with other data sources (e.g. to identify a person). We reserve the right to review these data retrospectively, if we become aware of specific indications for illegal use.

Web analysis tools
This website does not use web analysis tools such as e.g. Google Analytics, Matomo or Etracker.

Web Fonts
We do not use web fonts on our site. These are fonts, which are integrated by external servers with the page call (e.g. from Google). When using web fonts, the calling IP address is transmitted to the external server (e.g. Google).

Automated decision-making (profiling)
Our site does not use automated decision-making routines.

Contradiction advertising mails
We hereby object to the use of our contact data (which has been published within the scope of the imprint requirement) for the transmission of advertising material or information material not expressly requested. We reserve the right to take legal steps in the event of the unsolicited transmission of advertising information, such as spam or advertising e-mails.

Papierverarbeitung Golzern GmbH


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